• Why launch BT.Finance?

Tribute to Bitcoin&Ethereum, targets the best and sustainable yields for Tokens.

  • What Are Attributes of BT.Finance?

The best and sustainable yield from other excellent DeFi yield aggregator and platforms. Better security protocol with extra insurance besides security audit.

  • What's The Max Supply Of BT? What's The Emission Plan?

The max supply of BT token is 270,027, which will be competely distributed with a 2.7% reduction from the prior week until week 105, check the emission table for details.

  • How To Get BT Tokens?

Farming or buy BT through uniswap.

  • What Is The Withdraw Fee?

The withdraw fee is 15% within 24 hours(to defend against hacker attacks), 0.3% within a week, and 0.1% after a week. It will be platform gas and exchange cost.

  • How To Participate In Goverance?

Join gov.bt.finance Discussion For Propopsal And Vote Through vote.bt.finance.

  • Who is the BT.Finance?

We are a community run project,we believe in gradual decentralization and aim to turn the protocol into a DAO over time,will make BT.Finance as decentralized and trustless as possible.

  • How often do BSC and ETH network harvest?

It will be harvested daily on BSC, and weekly on Ethereum if the wallet and network are normal.

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